How heavy is an upright piano?

The upright piano is a very popular keyboard instrument, and has been for many centuries. In this article, we’ll explore the weight of an upright piano, as well as other weight-related aspects.

Upright piano size and weight

Upright pianos come in different sizes and weights, depending on model and brand. Uprights are very heavy, making them difficult to transport and handle. The size of an upright piano starts at 1.20 m and reaches 2.10 m. Most uprights measure between 1.50 m and 2 m. The size of an upright piano has a strong influence on its weight. A medium-sized upright weighs between 300 and 400 kg. A full-size upright can weigh up to 600 kg.

Compare the weight of different types of piano

There are many different types of piano, each with its own characteristics, including weight:

Piano typeWeight
Upright piano300 – 600 kg
Grand piano450 – 800 kg
Electric piano50 – 250 kg
Digital piano30 – 100 kg
Table comparing piano weights by type

As you can see, upright pianos are heavier than digital pianos, grand pianos and electric pianos. Grand pianos are generally the heaviest, digital pianos the lightest and electric pianos in between.

Characteristics of upright pianos

Uprights are very robust and are generally designed to last for years.

However, the weight of an upright piano can make them difficult to transport and handle. As a result, they are not as easy to move as other types of piano.

What’s more, the weight of upright pianos is high, making them almost impossible to lift. Because of their weight, it’s best to use lifting equipment to move and lift an upright piano.

Upright piano weight by quality

Uprights are available in a range of sizes and qualities. Higher-quality uprights are heavier than lower-quality uprights due to the materials used in their manufacture. Top-of-the-range uprights are generally made of hardwood, while entry-level uprights are made of lighter, less expensive wood. Therefore, it’s important to consider quality when buying an upright piano. Higher-quality uprights are more expensive, but are also more robust and longer-lasting.


In conclusion, the weight of an upright piano depends on its size and quality. Uprights are very heavy, and can reach 600 kg or more, depending on size and quality. Because of their weight, they must be moved with the help of a lifting device.


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