Which brand of piano to choose?

When you decide to learn to play a musical instrument, you generally want to have one at home for your own pleasure and to be able to practice more. In the case of a piano, the choice is a little more complicated than with other instruments, because they are generally of imposing size. But also because of the diversity of manufacturers’ brands. Apart from the size and price of the instrument, a number of other criteria come into play when choosing the right piano for each individual. Here’s an overview of the best brands to choose from.

Pianos by German firm Carl Bechstein

Marque Piano - Carl Bechstein

If you’re looking for top-of-the-range, top-quality musical instruments, the German brand Bechstein is a big name. Given the brand’s fine expertise in this field (the company has been in existence since 1853), quality is a must. The German Bechstein brand is also renowned for its pianos, which are popular with professional pianists.

The Carl Bechstein brand offers a total of two piano models:

A B-series or entry-level piano (upright or grand), designed for beginners or amateurs who want to learn, or for those on a limited budget;
A piano known as the C series, or top-of-the-range, which stands out from the rest for its elegance and incomparable lines. As you may have guessed, this range of pianos is designed for professional pianists.

Although Carl Bechstein upright and grand pianos are available to the general public, maintenance of the instrument is quite expensive for the owner, since all parts are made in Germany. Nevertheless, whether entry-level or top-of-the-range, the instruments produced by the German brand offer a panoply of sounds and tones that are both dynamic and harmonious.

Yamaha: a brand offering a wide range of pianos (for beginners and professionals)

Marque Piano - Yamaha

Whether you’re a professional pianist or a beginner, the Yamaha brand can offer you piano models to suit your skills. Indeed,the Yamaha brand is renowned for its ability to offer both the general public and professionals instruments that will help them appreciate the world of music, whatever their level. A wide range of quality instruments are available from the Yamaha catalog.

The advantage of Yamaha pianos is that you’ll find a model to suit your needs and the space of the room where you want to install it. Yamaha piano models include :

  • The grand piano, a model for fans of classical music or for those who want sharper sound quality. Yamaha grand pianos are ideal for early musical education;
  • The upright piano, a model that is at the origin of the Yamaha brand’s good reputation. In terms of sound, this acoustic instrument offers a more raw, realistic feel, much appreciated by professional pianists;
  • Yamaha digital keyboards (Clavinova, Arius, Portablegrand, Serie P): for those with limited space. Yamaha digital keyboards offer a wide range of sound effects and quality upright and grand piano sounds, apart from being compact to the touch.

The price of Yamaha brand piano models can vary according to the quality and type of instrument. Indeed, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to go for Yamaha digital keyboards, which are similar to those found on grand and upright pianos. However, choose top-of-the-range digital keyboard models for a wide sound library. And if you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a digital keyboard.

If you’re already a professional pianist and want to hone your skills, it’s best to opt for Yamaha grand or upright models. The fact is, the sound produced by an acoustic instrument can help you better express your musical potential. However, the price of a Yamaha grand or upright piano is quite expensive, so you’ll need to adjust your budget accordingly.

Kawai, pianos that reflect Japanese perfection

Marques Pianoa - Kawai

Increasingly used in the professional music world, Kawai brand pianos (upright or grand) and digital keyboards are among the best in the world. Indeed, the brand’s musical instruments (pianos) are made, for the most part, from noble materials such as maple, spruce or mahogany.

Kawai pianos and digital keyboards are suitable for all budgets. Models range from 1,000 to 200,000 euros. Price is one of this brand’s greatest advantages, since the Kawai brand catalog offers a wide choice of digital pianos or keyboards to suit your budget.

Although Kawai pianos are accessible to the general public, the brand’s models are generally intended for professional use.

Apart from that, the pianos and keyboards offered by Kawai, even on a budget, are impeccably finished with impeccable sound quality, reflecting Japanese perfection. The Kawai brand can easily compete with leading luxury piano manufacturers such as the German C. Bechstein, the American Steinways & Sons or the famous GROTRIAN- STEINWEG.

The brand’s catalog includes luxury pianos that can be used at major concerts. Among the most popular and widely used in the professional music world are the Piano model CR40 and the super-limited edition CR-1M, priced at over 200,000 euros.

Whatever brand of piano you choose, you need to look for the models that best suit your musical style, and of course your budget.

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