The easiest piano pieces for beginners

If you’re thinking of getting into the world of piano, you may be wondering which songs are easiest to play on the piano to begin with. Music is made up of pitch – which is the actual sound a note makes – and rhythm, which is the speed or cadence at which you move from one note to the next. When you start playing the piano, the simplest pieces are those that don’t require you to change many notes, and which also have a basic rhythm.

Practicing these pieces will help you develop a routine and learn the fundamental gestures that are important aspects of learning the piano. They also teach you more advanced piano techniques that you’ll need to improve as you practice.

Of course, to play the piano, you need to use both hands at the same time. If you’ve never played the piano before, or haven’t played for a long time, it’s a good idea to start with songs you can play with one hand. When learning a song, no matter how difficult, it’s always best to master each hand separately before playing the song two-handed.

Remember that you need to choose the most appropriate finger for each note, which may require some research and experimentation to determine what works best for you. Once you’ve found the perfect finger for each note, make sure you use the same finger every time you play the note; it’ll simplify the task.

Happy Birthday to you!

I’m sure you’ve heard this song, and everyone knows it. It’sone of those songs that’s extremely useful and easy to master. Plus, if you’re attending a birthday event and there’s a piano or keyboard nearby, it can make you the center of the party!

Ah, I’ll tell you mom

Ah Shall I Tell You Mama, the famous children’s rhyme, is now an essential part of learning to play the piano. Its popularity makes the tune memorable.

If you follow the score, you’ ll be able to compare the notes you play with the familiar tune in your head. If not, it’s easy to pinpoint the problem. Music is accessible. It’s better to start with the basics of sheet music so that you can follow and master the basic keys of the piano, rather than rushing into a complicated piece without understanding the basic position of the hands.

If you concentrate on the hands and keys, it will be much easier to improve your body and posture because your mind won’t have to worry about finding unrelated music or rhythms. This song is about starting from scratch and building your skills from the ground up.

Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmichael

The art of playing Heart and Soul is a little more difficult than Ah! Shall I Tell You Mommy. It has more notes, which means you’ll have to make more hand movements. The keys will familiarize you with the piano notes you’ll need to know if you decide to continue your studies.

Heart and Soul is also a good option for duets. Learning the song in duet is a great option for visual learners. You can watch your teacher or partner play their part and imitate the music you hear and see.

You can then take the knowledge you’ve gained from playing the song and teach it to a family member or friend. Teaching someone other than yourself can help you strengthen your skills, as you actively apply what you’ve learned to someone else.

Long live the wind

As I mentioned earlier, repetition is an essential part of building muscle memory. Learning to play Vive le Ventis is an excellent example of repetition because of its well-known sound pattern. If you’d prefer to learn this piece with the help of a score, rather than a didactic video, here’s the free score of Vive le Vent, concocted by us.

To play this song, you’ll need to repeat the same notes over and over to ensure that you’ll probably be able to remember them. There are, however, more complex verses of Vive le Vent that you can access once you’ve mastered the basic sequences. The transition allows you to learn more of the basics and progress beyond the basic piano pieces.

The next-generation chords aren’t so complex as to confuse you or make you lose concentration in following the single notes. They’re just a little more sophisticated than usual to help you develop your skills. What’s more, the popularity of the melody will help you progress in these keys. Keep your eyes on the melody you’re already familiar with, so you don’t get lost in it.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

When you first start out on the piano, you play mainly with one hand. As you progress, you’ll also be able to play the piano with another hand.

Hallelujah is an ideal song for you to start using your opposite hand for the very first time, as it’s still fairly easy to follow as a well-known piece that concentrates on the fundamental keys. If you use your left hand, you don’t need to learn any complicated chords. As the song focuses on the essentials, it’s perfect for learning left-handed chords.

The song’s slow speed makes it easy to master. It gives you time to contemplate the movements you’ll need to make and the notes you’ll need to play next. The song’s steady rhythm allows you to change hands more quickly, especially compared with a driving piece like Vive Le Vent, because you can adapt and reflect.

Basch’s Prelude in C Major

Bach’sPrelude in C Major is one ofthe easiest piano pieces to learn when you want to start playing classical piano. Its difficulty is greater than that of other pieces I’ve reviewed in the past, as it is able to move more frequently across the keyboard and requires both hands to be played correctly.

Indeed, the melody is divided between the hands ; however, it’s not possible to play two notes simultaneously. Similarly, you can only take one note at a time, even if you play with both hands. If you listen to the piece, you may not realize that two notes are not played simultaneously, as both hands are used to play the notes, and the left hand is held.

Theother advantage of this composition is that each sequence of notes is played twice. Once you’ve mastered the patterns in each bar and played them, the next thing you need to do is repeat the pattern. If you’ve looked at the score of the Prelude in C major, you may be disappointed, as it looks more complicated than it actually is. Just take one note at a time and you’ll get the hang of it, I swear!

As a novice, you might want to make this song your goal for learning a piece you’d like to master in no time. The Prelude in C major, while a fantastic choice for those just starting out has more difficulty, making it an ideal piece for pianists looking for a challenge.

Someone like you by Adèle

Another well-known, easy-to-play slow song for beginners, Someone Like You can be learned in a day if you’re serious.

The left hand remains in the same place throughout the song, while the right hand repeats the same series of notes over and over again. Repetition is the main way to learn to play this tune, and if you practice repeating the same notes over and over again, you’ll master it fast!

Imagine by John Lennon

John Lennon’s best-known solo song after The Beatles, Imaginemy, may seem difficult to the untrained ear. However, it’s actually a fairly simple piece to play on the piano.

The chord progressions are straightforward. In the verse, the chords used are C and F. If you learn the chord progressions, rather than the individual notes, you’ll learn the song in no time.

Imagine how professional you’ll look when you perform this song with your family and friends!

Beethoven’s Letter to Elise

If you’re familiar with Bach’s Prelude in C major, you might be ready to tackle Beethoven’s Lettre à Elise (the score of which is free here). It’s one of the most popular piano pieces of all time and, perhaps,one of the most accessible to master once you’re familiar with two-handed playing.

Because the composition was written by Beethoven, beginning musicians wishing to familiarize themselves with the classical music style will find this song an excellent starting point or goal. Familiarizing yourself with some of Beethoven’s most basic compositions can help you master more complex classical pieces much more easily in the long run.

La Lettre aElise includes a few black notes, and some of the leaps between notes are more numerous than those found in Bach’s Prelude in C major, but if you’ve studied the earlier pieces in the past, you’ll be prepared for the task.

The initial segment of La Lettre à Elise is the best section to start with. The second section is a huge leap in terms of technique. Therefore, it’s best to play only the initial section for a few minutes. This is the part everyone already knows, and you’ll still be able to make a big splash with your acquaintances!

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Although it may not seem like it, this song is also easy to master by following this type of teaching material. Just be sure to start slowly and be patient. You don’t have to master the whole song in a single day. If it takes all week, it will be worth it when you’re able to impress your acquaintances with your new piano skills.

The most effective way to master a piece with these videos is to learn it one section at a time. For example, listen and watch the first few notes, then stop the video, study the notes as you do them, then master the next section and repeat until you’ve finished the song. Take time during the day to reflect on what you’ve learned, so you won’t be unable to remember any information.

Havana by Camila Cabello

Havana is an easy-to-dance pop song that anyone can learn to play the piano to. Listening to the tune, you may not realize that the chorus is an easy pattern of notes you can grab with your left hand, and specific chords to play with your right. Once you’ve learned them, you can start singing the whole song.

Havana is a little more complicated than other songs for piano beginners, but it’s nevertheless simpler than the traditional compositions that have been mentioned. It’s a unique, quirky melody that takes some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it, it will only improve your playing skills in the long run.

All in all, Havanais is a fantastic song to test your mastery.

I hope this article has helped you get started on the piano. Feel free to keep it warm and come back to it soon, and let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below!

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