Why buy a Tibetan bowl?

The Tibetan bowl is a type of instrument that has been around for centuries. The bowl is thought to have been invented by Central Asian nomads. The oldest known Tibetan bowl dates back to the 14th century and is now on display at the National Museum of India, New Delhi. The sound of a Tibetan bowl can be described as deep, resonant and otherworldly. Bowls are often made from different types of metal such as bronze, brass, copper or aluminum. A Tibetan bowl is mainly used for a variety of purposes, such as playing both as a wind instrument and in conjunction with singing, as well as for meditation and spiritual practices. The instruments are often still used today by Buddhist monks, who play them during services.

The Tibetan bowl is a fabulous instrument with unique sounds and therapeutic virtues.

Most yoga and meditation practitioners are familiar with its benefits. Discover for yourself what buying a Tibetan bowl can do for your life.

Tibetan bowl and meditation

Bol tibetan - Meditation

The Tibetan bowl is often used to begin and conclude a meditation session. It is useful for helping you to experience a moment of relaxation. Tibetan singing bowls are also effective during meditation. Each note of the Tibetan singing bowl plunges you into a state of plenitude as you meditate. By joining meditation with the note of the bowl produced by the mallet, you can feel its vibrations. Meditation with the Tibetan bowl is ideal for people who want to concentrate more effectively.

Effects of the Tibetan bowl on the body

Bol tibétain - Effets corps

A note from the Tibetan bowl has beneficial effects on the human body. It helps to :

  • muscle regeneration
  • relieve pain,
  • strengthen the immune system,
  • free the body of toxins,
  • stimulate the digestive system,
  • regulate blood pressure,

The singing bowl is also beneficial for pregnant women. The sounds and vibrations coming from the mallet rubbing the Tibetan bowl travel through her body. The result is gentleness and well-being for both. The effects of the singing bowl are also beneficial for children. These experiences with the singing bowl are natural and enable them to :

  • improve concentration,
  • alleviate sleep disorders,
  • improve their perceptive and intuitive faculties.

This is why Tibetan bowls are often used in schools and kindergartens. Singing bowls provide children with inner balance and stability throughout their lives. A stock of Tibetan bowls is also effective against hyperactivity.

The Tibetan bowl in music therapy

Tibetan bowls are used in music therapy. Every note emitted by the Tibetan bowl is beneficial to the mind. The singing bowl can also be used for energy healing. The waves emitted by the singing bowl regulate your vital energy reserves. Each note produced forms a linear sound that immediately puts you on Alpha waves.

The benefits of sound on the mind

Bol tibétain - Bienfaits

Relaxing with the note of a Tibetan singing bowl is useful for overcoming emotional blockages and disturbances. The harmonic sound message of the singing bowl, in particular, helps to achieve emotional balance. Meditation with Tibetan bowls is also useful for people suffering from malaise.

Singing bowls have real sound power, thanks to the metals used in their manufacture. In fact, Tibetan bowls are made from a combination of several metals. There are 7 metals involved:

  • gold
  • copper
  • iron
  • silver
  • lead
  • tin,
  • mercury.

Crystal singing bowls are also available.

The singing bowl in therapeutic medicine

Many therapists integrate singing bowls into treatments such as psychoanalysis and aromatherapy. As sound travels through the body, the singing bowl’s waves are transmitted to the cells. The singing bowl is a healing remedy for tension and blockages of the mind.

Purify your environment with the Tibetan bowl

Bol tibétain - Améliorer votre environnement

Singing bowls are also very useful for purifying your home. A house is sometimes affected by negative energies. Singing bowls enable you to purify your environment. To do this, ring the Tibetan bowl in the narrowest spaces of your home. Purify those around you with a note on the singing bowl and Vedic mantras.

Harmonize your chakras

Bol tibetain - Harmonisez vos chakras

The body has 7 fundamental chakras that play important roles in physical and mental well-being. These are :

  • muladhara: security,
  • swadhisthana: creation,
  • manipura: emotional control,
  • anahata: love,
  • vishudda: communication,
  • ajna: light,
  • sahasrara: divine knowledge.

Each chakra is hindered by stress. The notes of the Tibetan bowl will help you rebalance your chakras.

The price of a bowl depends on the metals used and other characteristics. A small bowl is sold for between €25 and €50. These are generally bowls with 3 or 4 metals. 7-metal bowls are more expensive. Their prices exceed hundreds of euros. For example, 7-metal Tibetan bowls from the Himalayas are priced at €130 on Amazon. A crystal Tibetan bowl costs between €200 and €300. If you’re out of stock, look for an online retailer with products at a variety of prices.

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