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Here’s our pick of the best jazz bars in Rennes!

In the city of Rennes, there are plenty of bars to choose from. The aim is to find the best possible Rennes jazz bar. Of course, we’ve worked with our experts to find the best jazz bars in Rennes for a fabulous evening. The proposed list is not a fixed choice, and yes, it can evolve according to certain criteria and customer reviews. In Rennes, it’s clear that you need to try several to find the one that will make your heart skip a beat!

Jazz bars in Rennes

With a population of 216,268 and a surface area of 50.39 km², it’s hardly surprising that Rennes has just a few cabarets. Unlike simple bars, jazz bars in Rennes offer a real musical atmosphere. Enjoying the rhythms of saxophones, trumpets and tuba, it’s a real escape from the angst of Rennes life. With 144 days of sunshine a year in Rennes, it’s really overwhelming not to enjoy a few moments of sunshine in a jazz bar. In fact, there are almost 3,456 hours of sunshine in Rennes! No reason not to enjoy a few moments in a jazz bar in Rennes. Jazz in Rennes is year-round, so if some bars are full, other jazz cafés in Rennes will be happy. Frankly, it’s a good time for jazz bars and cafés, so don’t hesitate to listen to jazz music.

The city of Rennes, its bars and its history with jazz

The city of Rennes and the people of Rennes don’t have a particularly strong history with jazz. However, there are some interesting historical facts about Rennes.

In 1941, a local amateur jazz club, the Hot Club, was founded. A year later, a house at 17 rue St Georges became the refuge of these jazz enthusiasts, with a veritable organization:

  • rehearsal room
  • public reception
  • discography available
  • bar
  • piano

In 1942, despite the German occupation and the hardships of the time, the people of Rennes were working to prepare a jazz festival at the Hot-Club. With Nazi and American tensions, some names were erased, but American Swing still caused a sensation on 12/12/1942. In the end, soldiers also enjoyed jazz music, and some appreciated it enormously.

Two names come up regularly, and are worth knowing:

  • Raymond Hermer: an experienced musician who mastered the saxophone and clarinet. He was both a member of the Resistance and a musician, which sometimes enabled him to extract crucial information. Unfortunately, he was shot in 1943 and never saw the 3rd Rennes Jazz Festival.
  • Robert Mommarché: A professional musician who specialized as a drummer. Because of his brown skin, he was quickly locked up by German soldiers, but was lucky enough to be “paroled”, which enabled him to contribute to the Hot-Clubs.

Frequently asked questions about jazz bars in Rennes

You may have many questions about Rennes and its jazz bars. Well, I’ve come up with some solutions to your fears. I’d like to give you as much help as I can by offering you the data at my service. In view of the impressive number of responses, we need to focus on some fundamental information. Let’s take a look at the daily questions about jazz bars in Rennes.

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