Jazz festivals in France

Jazz festivals in France are numerous, at a time when jazz is an integral part of French culture. Every year, major French cities get together to host them. It’s always a great opportunity for fans to get together and have a good time. From the surprising number of festivals in France, you can discover the most popular.

Saint-Fons Jazz Festival

The Saint-Fons Jazz Festival takes place every year at the end of July in the French town, and is home to many talented artists. In a vibrant and exhilarating mix of jazz, funk and hip-hop, the festival offers music lovers a unique variety of musical experiences.

Each year, audiences are thrilled by an exciting line-up of the industry’s finest improvisers and producers. International names rub shoulders with local stars to provide quality entertainment. Musical styles range from classic pieces dating back to the 1930s to the latest trends in contemporary jazz.

In addition to live concerts and performances, the festival also features a varied program with a diverse choice of activities for all ages. The public can also enjoy a variety of culinary experiences thanks to the various gastronomic stands located on site. Finally, it’s not just the musical atmosphere that charms the festival, it’s also the warm, open welcome that visitors receive.

The Hirson Jazz Festival

The Hirson Jazz Festival has been held every year since 1993, and is one of the most popular events for jazz fans in France. It takes place in Hirson, a small town in northern France, over three days, in an intimate setting entirely dedicated to music. The festival takes place in the town center, around the Place Jean Jaurès, where the best French and international jazzmen offer concerts.

Each concert evening will be accompanied by other convivial activities, including jam sessions and workshops open to the public. Fans will be able to take part in jazz games and learn about the art in a pleasant and unique setting. The atmosphere will be festive for the duration of theevent, with various stands offering local products, food and crafts.

The Hirson Jazz Festival is an unforgettable experience for all who attend. It’s considered one of the coolest festivals in France. As the festival is aimed at the jazz community, you’re guaranteed a unique musical experience with talented musicians.


Jazz’titudes is a jazz show that allows visitors to discover music in an interactive way. The Juoz’titudes concept is to offer an innovative and original approach to jazz, as well as a fantastic journey through all the jazz eras, from the 1920s to the present day. The concert kicks off with a host of popular standards familiar to beginners, which are the mainstay of Jazz’titudes.

Each track tells a story, and each scene teaches listeners something about the musical genetics of the genre. During the show, backing singers and guest artists from Paris join the staff, which includes a pianist and main drummer, to form an international, cosmopolitan group. They are a group of musicians who bring the audience to life and give them a new vision of jazz.

The musicians can play anything from softer jazz and fusion to contemporary blues and traditional bebop. Each style is presented in a customized arrangement, producing a unique result appropriate for the event. At the end of the show, the pieces are systematically interpreted with a funkier, groovier touch. This scenario showcases the guest soloists while offering audiences an unforgettable musical experience.

The Quimper Jazz Festival

Quimper Jazz Festival is an annual jazz music event held in Quimper. It has been bringing together international and local artists to celebrate the genre for over 40 years. The festival is played in a variety of venues, including open-air stages, concert halls and even churches. The line-up varies every year, but always promises some of the biggest names in jazz.

Styles range from classic swing to bebop to popular jazz. Fans can purchase tickets for individual shows or for a general conference, which includes access to most concerts. You’ll usually find sponsor-designed stands and food stalls offering food and drink.

The festival also offers additional activities not directly linked to the show, such as master classes with various artists. A series of joint readings is organized with the Association Jazz et Supernaturel Corse. The Quimper Jazz Festival attracts more and more people every year. The organizers believe that the time devoted to this event encourages younger generations to discover jazz music.

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