List of Jazz Festivals in North America

Barbados Jazz Festival

Saguenay Jazz & Blues Festival

Ottawa International Jazz Festival

Jazz Winnipeg Festival

Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Fest

Toronto Jazz Festival

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Beaches International Jazz Festival

Festival international de jazz de Montréal

Guelph Jazz Festival

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

Berks Jazz Fest

New Orealns Jazz & Heritage Festival

Jazz Appreciation Month

Witchita Jazz Festival

Sacramento Jazz Fest and Jubilee

Satchmo SummerFest

Healdsburg Jazz Festival

Playboy Jazz Festival

Vision Festival

Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

Chicago Jazz Festival

Long Beach Jazz Festival

Newport Jazz Festival

Park City Jazz Festival

San Jose Jazz Festival

Telluride Jazz Celebration

Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival

Detroit International Jazz Festival

Hyde Park Jazz Festival

Monterey Jazz Festival

Tanglewood Music Festival

Jazz at the Lake: Lake George Jazz Weekend

Black Men of Labor Parade

Jazz-By-The-Bay Festival

Jazz at the Lake: Lake George Jazz Weekend

Black Men of Labor Parade

Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Pacific Rim Jazz Festival

San Francisco Jazz Festival

Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree

Texas Jazz Festival

Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival

Festival Internacional Jazzuv

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

Jazz is a style of music that has been enjoyed for generations. To keep the music alive, jazz fanatics gather at events around the world. There are numerous shows throughout the year. If you’re a jazz fan, this list of festivals is for you.

Barbados Jazz Festival

Every year, Barbados celebrates the Barbados Jazz Festival on the island of St. Michael. It’s an annual event filled with music, food and entertainment. The festival is a unique venue that brings together national and international artists to share their common passion for jazz.

During the festival, visitors enjoy a varied program ranging from intimate shows to open-air concerts. People can listen to a variety of artists and enjoy the exceptional performances they offer throughout the event. In addition, the festival offers visitors a variety of other attractions and activities to try.

The Jazz Winnipeg Festival

The Winnipeg Festival is an annual event that welcomes thousands of people every year. International and national talent are brought together to satisfy music fanatics. Typically, over 50 artists offer a comprehensive collection of concerts, exhibitions and live performances across the city.

The Toronto Jazz Festival

The Toronto Jazz Festival is a must-see event on the Toronto music scene. Many activities are offered during the festival. As well as concerts, there are wine and spirits tastings and family evenings. Visitors can also enjoy several free concerts every evening near the edge of Nathan Phillips Square Park.

Another highlight of the festival is the presence of local and independent artists, with several Canadian bands from a number of different genres. Funk and hip-hop are definitely back. Jazz aficionados will really enjoy themselves with concerts to suit all tastes. Off-peak hours inside the venues allow young emerging artists to capitalize on sales before the sun goes down.

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival is one of the biggest jazz festivals in North America. It kicks off every year in June. It offers fans an impressive variety of music from all over the world, including styles ranging from Be-bop to fusion. From its modest beginnings in 1986, the festival has grown to become a major event on the world music scene.

With each edition, the organizers raise the bar for musical enjoyment. Renowned international artists are among the main attractions. The program offers something for every musical taste, with concerts and special events to suit a variety of budgets.

Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival

Downtown Oakville Jazz offers the best of music, art and entertainment in one festival. Visitors can look forward to a varied program featuring a full selection of jazz and blues. In addition to these styles, they’ll find the great legends, as well as performances by emerging artists. The festival will also feature special film evenings highlighting some of jazz’s greatest moments.

These screenings will introduce fans to a film that focuses on the music and its history. In addition to live musical performances, the festive complex will offer a venue where visitors can also enjoy an all-day craft market.

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival is one of the world’s most renowned jazz festivals. Fans gather in New York and beyond to celebrate the music and lifestyle of Charlie Parker. It’s been an annual commemoration since the mid-1980s. Held annually in New York’s Tompkins Square Park, the festival features a wide range of free performances over four days.

Each year, the festival convenes a roster of artists to offer visitors an unparalleled variety of performers representing a wide range of musical genres and artistic approaches. Performances include flow nu jazz, classic jazz, soulful à la main, melodic salsa, latin-jazz fusion or even stage performances. Silhouettes of artists who have left their mark on the jazz landscape include Stacey Kent, Joshua Redman, George Benson, Betty Carter and Kendrick Scott Oracle. The festival also boasts a special program offering unique variety, giving spectators the chance to explore their passion in greater depth.

The Newport Jazz Festival

The Newport Jazz Festival is one of the most popular and celebrated festivals in the world. Every year, it brings together musicians and jazz fans from the four corners of the globe to share their musical journeys. Known for its eclectic musical program and unique atmosphere, the event lasts four days in summer. It features a varied selection of performances that give a glimpse of current and upcoming musical talent.

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