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For several years now, a jazz festival has been held in Noyon. For fans of this music, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience unforgettable moments. There’s always something to enjoy, for all styles and even for locals. Here’s what you need to know about the festival in Noyon.

When does Jazz in Noyon take place?

The Jazz in Noyon Festival( takes place every year at the end of July and beginning of August. The program includes concerts, conferences, creative workshops and an exceptional musical atmosphere. More than 15 international and national bands, followed by over 50 artists, are on the bill. The bands and musicians on the bill are varied. Professional jazzmen and amateurs alike will be sharing their talents.

You’ll also find acoustic shows, improvised DJ sets, solo performances and activities for families. Every year, it creates a wonderful spirit of conviviality between musicians, artists and spectators. As a jazz lover, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for cultural harmony and fun.

Where does the Jazz in Noyon festival take place?

Festival in Noyon - Noyon

The Jazz in Noyon festival takes place in downtown Noyon, Oise. Concerts and events take place at the Hôtel de Ville, Place Notre Dame, Place du Maréchal Foch and in the town’s various streets. Depending on the number of seats to be filled, the organizers choose the venue in the town of Noyon. The program is varied and always includes concerts open to the general public. These programs are sure to appeal to jazz enthusiasts, as well as the simply curious.

The different types of jazz presented at Jazz in Noyon? un nouvel onglet)

The Jazz in Noyon festival presents a wide range of musical styles and jazz artists. Artists such as The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Archie Shepp and Sidney Bechet have been among the scene’s biggest stars for decades. At Jazz in Noyon, there will in fact be a variety of artists playing different genres of jazz. One of the biggest jazz genres featured at the festival is bebop.

Bebop is a style that dates back to the 1940s and is characterized by fast, unpredictable solos. Its popularity grew thanks to artists such as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Another recurring form at the Jazz in Noyon festival is cool jazz. This style was established between 1945 and 1955 and is characterized by slower tempos, a softer tone and fewer accents than bebop. The great innovation came from Miles Davis and other avant-garde leaders of the time, who assimilated cool jazz into many different musical genres. These included rhythm and blues, blues and rock and roll.

Finally, free jazz will be on the program at this year’s Jazz in Noyon festival. This style is considerably different from bebop or cool jazz, and brings a radically free feel to musical interpretation. Free jazz developed from the 1950s onwards, with artists such as Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor trying to break free from existing musical conventions. The Jazz in Noyon festival will therefore offer fans a place to learn as well as enjoy the main musical styles representative of the bebop, cool jazz and free jazz genres.

Are there any children’s activities at Jazz in Noyon?

Jazz in Noyon - Activité enfant

Children will be delighted if you offer them the opportunity to take part in the Jazz in Noyon festival. For a start, there’s an excellent, rhythmically varied program devoted to young listeners, with musical performances for all ages. Children can also attend musical workshops and games, where they are encouraged to participate by creating, singing and playing. Games, songs and captivating stories are organized to entertain the little ones.

In addition, interactive activities are offered as part of Jazz in Noyon’s “Kids Corner”. These include arts and crafts workshops, as well as classical and acoustic instrument practice. All in a fun and entertaining environment. Children can also take part in jazz music quizzes to test their knowledge.

Finally, to round off the festival in style, a karaoke contest is organized during the final evening, where young and old are invited to perform on stage. Victory won’t be the only goal, as the days of concerts come to a close in good spirits and enthusiasm. It’s clear, then, that Noyon’s popular district has a lot more to offer than just good, free concerts. What’s more, your children will love the unique experience that is Jazz in Noyon.

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